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About Us

Hello friends,

saividishaseeds.com is not just a website but a treasure trove of goods and services providing information on agriculture and agribusiness. India is an agricultural country and we are now adding modern agriculture to it. At present, agriculture and agribusiness are very important in India. In today’s age of science and education, there is a tendency towards modern farming, but if modernity is combined with experience, then farming business can be done in a good and successful way.

In India, agriculture mainly involves food grains, vegetables, goat rearing, cattle and buffalo rearing. There are also a variety of agricultural supplements. In recent times, we have been studying how to make our farming more successful by studying how to farm abroad.

Through this website we have tried to provide various information on agriculture and agro-based industries. Also some goods and services are available for sale online. You can avail this service at home.

We have traveled all over India and acquired in-depth knowledge of goat rearing, cow and buffalo rearing, poultry rearing, orchard cultivation, vegetable cultivation. And that is why we have successfully started agri-business from our farmer group. In this connection, we have made available our products and services as well as free information through our website to you. There is no doubt that agriculture is a useful and essential business.

Sai Vidisha Seeds and Agro Product Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the help of hard work and many years of business experience. The fact of the matter is that the company is successful in dealing with the difficulties encountered in doing business, the losses incurred, and the loss.

Agriculture and agribusiness are more or less practiced in every part of India as mentioned above. But for those who are inexperienced, if they come into this business definitely at the beginning they will be at loss, but if you look at our web site properly and study it thoroughly, you will surely get benefit for it. Attempts have been made to provide free agricultural information through this website.

You will also be able to take advantage of all the green fodder seeds required for goat rearing, cow buffalo rearing, poultry rearing as well as indigenous vegetable seeds, various types of plants, agricultural implements, natural fertilizers and animal feed.

If you still have any query or need guidance, you can contact us via email at info@saividishaseeds.com

Thank You.

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