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Sai Multipurpose Spray Pump


Name : Sai Multipurpose Spray Pump

Quantity :  1 Nos

Sai Multipurpose Spray Pump  Multi and Agriculture Pump

  1. Sanitizer spray : With the help of this pump you can use this pump to fill the sanitizer at home, hospital, shops etc.
  2. Wall painting : This pump is also used for painting walls in houses, shops etc.
  3. Vehicle service : This pump is also used for daily cleaning two wheelers and four wheelers etc.
  4. Agricultural spraying : With the help of this pump, farmers can spray vegetables as well as other crops in the field.
  5. Garden spray : This pump is used to spray the plants in the garden.
  6. Spray the tall tree : You can also use this pump to spray medicine on tall trees.
  7. Petrol and diesel transfer : This pump is used to extract petrol from a vehicle or to transfer petrol from one vehicle to another.


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