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Australian Full Red Napier


1 bundle stick covers 4000 square feet area.

We Will Provide 10% Extra Sticks on each order.

Quatity – 1250 Sticks


General information about seeds

The Australian red Napier is an overseas Napier grass. This beet cross is going hybrid. The leaves and stems of this grass are completely red in color. These foods have good nutritional value. The Australian Red Napier grass is a favorite of all kinds of animals. The average height of Red Napier ranges from 16 to 17 feet. But you have to cut it to a height of 7 to 8 feet for the animals.

Land and preparation for planting

The Australian red fodder crop can be grown in a variety of soils. These crops are grown in a wide variety of soils, from moderate, sandy soils to black loamy soils. Heavy soils are very useful for this crop and well drained soils are required. Once sown, the crop stays in the same soil for 6 to 7 years, so pre-cultivation is very important. For this, if deep plowing is more in depth, break it up and apply 8 to 10 tons of fully decomposed manure per acre in medium to light soil before planting cane in vertical-horizontal plowing.

Seed processing

Before planting, the stalks should be soaked for 10 to 15 minutes in a large container using 2 ml germinator per 1 liter of water and planted.

Planting period and method of cultivation

Australian Red Napier grass can be planted any time of the year. Sprinkle 3 feet before planting. When planting, place the cane on the side of the sari or at a distance of 1 foot in the middle. Pull the eye of the cane half an inch into the ground. Do not place it too deep or too high, otherwise the grass you have planted may have difficulty growing.

Fertilizer and water planning

Irrigate immediately after planting, then at intervals of 3 to 4 days, then irrigate as per soil requirements. Initially you would have applied manure but since you harvest this grass frequently you will need D.A.P, 10.26.26 after each harvest. Granular chemical fertilizers should be used. If you have an abundance of lentil manure, well-rotted cow-buffalo manure will do well.

Harvesting / production / use

The first harvest should be done 80 to 90 days after planting and the second and subsequent harvests should be done at intervals of 60 to 65 days. Always keep it close to the ground while harvesting. Australian Red Napier grass is used for animal feed. Also, all kinds of animals love this fodder. Fodder is used in dairy farms and goat rearing. We can grind it and break it up and store it. Normally there are 5 to 6 harvests of this fodder in a year. 40 to 50 tons of green fodder can be obtained per acre per harvest. We can get 150 to 200 tons of fodder in a year. We can make silage as required. The growth of this grass is less on cold days.

Seeds per acre

It takes 12000 sticks per 1 acre of land.


1250 Sticks


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