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African Toll Maize Seeds (9199 Variety)

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General information about seeds

African tall maize is a green fodder grown all over India. Use African Toll Maize seeds at 15 to 20 kg per acre. African tall maize fodder can be used as green fodder for animals, as well as threshing and storing it. The average yield of green fodder is 12 to 16 tons per acre. Goats, cows and buffaloes love to eat. Consumption of this green fodder increases milk production.

Land and preparation for planting

Plow the soil deep (15 to 20 cm). Due to deep plowing of crop residues, residues, wood waste, etc., the soil gets organic matter in the soil and improves the soil texture. The soil should be fertilized by giving 2-3 shifts of rooter. Apply 10 to 12 tons (25 to 30 carts) of well decomposed manure or compost manure per hectare at the time of last germination. If green manure is buried in the soil, there is no need for manure. Soil with medium to heavy, deep, sandy, well drained, more organic matter and water holding capacity is good for African tall maize. This crop grows well, especially in reverie alluvial soils


Seed processing

Apply 2 to 2.5 gm of Thyrum fungicide per kg of seed before sowing to control taxa. Also Azotobacter bacterial culture should be applied at the rate of 25 gm or 100 ml per kg of seed and then sown.


Planting period and method of cultivation

Maize is grown during kharif, rabi and summer seasons. African tall maize is a mixed crop grown mainly for green fodder, animal feed and fodder. When planting, the spacing between two rows should be 24 inches and the distance between two seeds should be 6 inches. Select good seeds and sow by token method. Care should be taken that the seeds go 2 to 3 cm deep in the soil.


Fertilizer and water planning

Water maize immediately after planting. Since maize seedlings are very sensitive to high water or swamp conditions, care should be taken to ensure that water does not accumulate in the crop during the first 20 days after sowing. At the time of sowing apply 75 kg N and 75 kg P and 75 kg K per hectare for vigorous growth of maize crop. Apply 75 kg N one month after sowing. In case of zinc deficiency apply 20 to 25 kg zinc sulphate per hectare at the time of sowing. Depending on the size of the soil, watering should be done at intervals of 10-12 days and in summer season at intervals of 8-10 days.


Harvesting / production / use

For grain, maize should be harvested after the grains have hardened. Such harvesting stage occurs 10-15 days before the full maturity of the crop. Such harvesting does not reduce the yield. Also, due to this type of harvesting, green trays can be used for feeding animals. It can also be crushed to make silage. The average yield of green fodder is 12 to 16 tons per acre.

Seeds per acre

20 to 25 kg of seed is required per 1 acre of land.

Weight 5000 g

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