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Shri Krishna Elephant Grass (D.G. 5)

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Shri Krishna grass is a perennial fodder crop with 14% protein. All kinds of animals are eaten with great interest. It is mainly cultivated as green fodder for goats, cows and buffaloes. Cultivation method is done by line method and it can be sown in any season

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General information about seeds

Shrikrushna Elephant Grass is a perennial fodder crop with nutritional value of dicotyledonous species which provides fodder throughout the year. The estimated nutritional value of the green area is protein 13.38, fat 7.36, fiber 43.30, carbohydrate 32.45. These seeds have good germination capacity and can be sown any time of the year. For this 12 to 14 packets of seeds per 100 gm per acre is sufficient. We can use this food for all kinds of animals. Cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, all kinds of animals love to eat this fodder. We can use this fodder in two ways. It can also be used in two ways, green fodder and dry fodder. We can use this fodder in the same way that we give sorghum husk as fodder. It has a protein content of 10 to 16 percent. The fastest growth, the earliest harvest, the elastic soft crust, no thorns of any kind. It has many characteristics like green and dry fodder.


Land and preparation for planting

The soil should be well tilled before planting. Then discard 7 to 8 trailers of well decomposed manure per acre. Fodder is best in heavy and medium soils for cultivation. These seeds have good germination capacity and can be sown any time of the year.

Seed processing

Shrikrushna Elephant Grass does not have any seed processing.

Planting period and method of cultivation

Shrikrushna Elephant Grass can be planted any time of the year. This grass can be planted by sprinkler method. Make a 3 foot sari and take as many seeds as you can in two finger tweezers on both sides of the sari. Land, water, manure and climate can increase or decrease the germination capacity.

Fertilizer and water planning

The first watering should be given immediately after planting. S.S.P. Use powder. Use 7 to 8 bags per acre, subsequent doses at 90 to 95 day intervals. You can use any fertilizer like D. A. P 10.26.26, urea, granular 19.19.19.

Harvesting / production / use

The first harvest is 90 days after planting and the second harvest is 45-50 days. This may result in early or late harvest depending on the weather conditions. This fodder perennial lasts 3 to 5 years. The production of Shrikrushna Elephant Grass can be obtained from 50 to 100 tons per acre.

Seeds per acre

Requires 12 to 14 packets of 100 grams per 1 acre of land.

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